frequently asked questions

DHA is the main tanning ingredient used in all of Sunless Revolution’s airbrush tanning solutions. DHA is dihydroxyacetone, a carbohydrate (monosaccharide sugar) compound approved by the FDA for use in externally applied sunless tanning solutions. DHA is usually derived from a vegetable source like beets or sugar cane. Its properties as a skin darkener were discovered in the 1920’s when Coppertone introduced Quick Tan. It was added to the FDA’s list of approved cosmetic ingredients in the 1970’s.

Note: DHA has only been approved for external use by the FDA. The FDA recommends wearing protective eyewear, nose plugs, lip balm and undergarments during your spray tanning session to eliminate inhalation or ingestion. Wearing these during your spray tan session is not mandatory, and is up to your discretion. However our “Glow Artists’ have these on hand at all times, and they are complimentary during every spray tanning session. Ask your ‘Glow Artists’ for complete details. 

Sunless Revolution’s Custom Tanning process is simple. For Custom Airbrush Tanning one of our experienced Professional Pale Skin Fighter Technicians will set you up with an initial color consultation, and provide you with all the information needed to achieve the ultimate tan. Once the consultation is complete, your personal Pale Skin Fighter uses a high-end handheld heated spray tan applicator to apply even amounts of Sunless Tanning solution to the desired area(s) of your body. After each spray pass you will experience warm spa-like blow dry pass. Once the session is complete, you will be completely dry and ready to redress.  

You can wear undergarments, a bathing suit, or nothing. Your chosen attire should be whatever you are completely comfortable with. One of the main benefits of Sunless Revolution’s one-of-a-kind experience is that all of our airbrush technicians and consultants are professionally trained and certified, so you can feel completely comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire process.

NOTE: Use of bathing suit or undergarments during the professional application process may cause permanent staining of the material. If these options are used, we recommend using old, or dark colored materials. 

NOTE: Minimal amounts of cosmetic bronzer (which is water soluble) may transfer to your clothes after you redress and should not permanently stain your materials the day of your professional custom airbrush session.   

NOT AT ALL. Before, most self-tanning and spray tanning applications, and formulations were administered incorrectly. That meant inconsistent coverage. Not enough lotion left streaks, and too much lotion in one place left skin looking orange. Application methods and formulations have taken a giant leap since then, making the overall experience and results far better. We guarantee our results, so you can feel confident with your color!

You can expect a Sunless Revolution Custom Airbrush Tan to last anywhere from 7 to 10 days. The life of the tan depends on how well the recommended skin care regime is followed: before, during, and after the professional application. Factors may also include each individuals skin type, and skin chemistry. Individual results may vary.

NOTE: Our Professional Pale Skin Fighters and Sunless Revolution Consultants will customize a personal regime designed specifically for you, to prepare, and maintain a beautiful and flawless sunless tan. Sunless Revolution only uses only the latest equipment, and solutions, along with professionally trained technicians and consultants, which means every application is uniform, and flawless. We are so confident in our system, that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every custom airbrush tanning session we provide.