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Discover Sunless Revolution & The Glow Artist Team!

Britteny has been a Glow Artist for almost 7 years now.  She had a dog walking and pet-sitting business for years, but something kept calling her to the beauty industry!  Four years ago she took the leap of faith and hasn’t looked back since. Even through Covid, and the shut down (ironically she had just opened her new salon in Point Loma), she weathered the hurdled, and is even more passionate about the services she offers her community, regular clients, and brides visiting from out of state.  

Britteny has always had an artistic hand, so spray tanning was a perfect fit from the very beginning.  She loves knowing she is making someone feel good about themselves.  Tanning so many individuals, for so many reasons (weekly clients, competition tans, to pre- and wedding day sessions).  She loves seeing and hearing how happy clients are after their session.  Clients send her pictures on vacation, at a special occasion, or wedding day without her even asking, with big heart and thank you. 

Two years ago Britteny also became a licensed esthetician and will be offering sugaring which is a form of hair removal.  In addition to custom spray tanning, and soon sugaring, she also offers teeth whitening and celluma light therapy for the full beauty experience.  Her Sunless Revolution Salon also has eye lash extensions, and facials, as well as is partnered with San Diego IV.   Her amazing glow artists team, salon details, bios and photos coming soon!